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Word Example of - group

    Example Sentences for group

    Everybody in the sala turned toward the group with astonished looks.

    He hid in the bushes at the side of a path as a group of free swordsmen went by.

    Whenever we find a group of people like this, we try to persuade them to let us help them.

    If a group is exogamic, the women in it were born abroad somewhere.

    "We will hear what the lesson is today," said Paulus, and they went up to the group.

    The population declined to such a point that it was like group suicide.

    "That's all," interrupted Nat, who had returned to the group.

    The custom of blood revenge was a protection to all who were in a group of kinsmen.

    I come to a group of novels of which the chief aim of all except two is entertainment.

    And from this group in their agony rose no groan, no complaint.

Word Origin & History of - group

    Word Origin & History

    group 1695, originally an art criticism term, "assemblage of figures or objects in a painting or design," from Fr. groupe "cluster, group," from It. gruppo "group, knot," likely ult. from P.Gmc. *kruppaz "round mass, lump." Extended to "any assemblage" by 1736. The verb is from 1718. Meaning "pop music combo" is from 1958; hence groupie "girl who follows pop groups," first attested 1967.

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