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Word Example of - grovel

    Example Sentences for grovel

    So long as it continued to grovel in the depths, we could not think of setting out.

    Ali says she was like a wild beast, but he twisted her wrist and made her grovel in the dust.

    Why, I would maroon any of my crew who would cry and grovel and snivel when tied up for his three dozen.

    The women shriek and swoon, grovel on the ground, and tear their hair.

    Like the miserable cur that you are, you grovel and beg and pray in a way that I would never condescend to do to you.

    But don't let him have her, don't let him be happy with her, while I grovel here in shame!

    Are you to be happy, while I grovel in the intensity of my wretchedness?

    My clients came to me, singly and in pairs, to grovel and to implore.

    I aspire no higher; my pinions were shorn away, and I now grovel on the earth, and wish to worship in her bosom.'

    Then we grovel in the dust of a million years, and ask God why.

Word Origin & History of - grovel

    Word Origin & History

    grovel 1593, Shakespearian back-formation of M.E. groveling, regarded as a prp. but really an adv., from O.N. grufe "prone" + obsolete adverbial suffix -ling (which survives also as the -long in headlong, sidelong); first element from O.N. a grufu "on proneness." Perhaps related to creep.

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