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Word Example of - gruff

    Example Sentences for gruff

    The voice in which he made this threat was gruff and aggressive.

    "I want to say good-bye," he said in the gruff voice of embarrassment.

    "I guess you'll excuse me if I ain't down there to stand around on the w'arf and see you go," she said, still trying to be gruff.

    “A little faster, youngster,” urged Bogle, in a gruff voice.

    He pushed it open, but a gruff voice inquired his business, and a burly figure blocked his way.

    He's asking the gruff voiced fellow if he will have another bottle of wine.

    Into his blunt manner had crept a certain awkwardness, his gruff voice had an anxious note at times and his eyes a hungry gleam.

    He was probably a man of fifty; gruff in appearance, and unmistakably a bachelor.

    "Hello, yourself," answered a gruff voice from the cloud above.

    She did not see him till dinnertime, when he had a sullen headache, and was gruff and gloomy.

Word Origin & History of - gruff

    Word Origin & History

    gruff 1533, from M.Du. or M.L.G. grof "coarse (in quality), thick, large" (cognate with O.E. hreof, O.N. hrjufr "rough, scabby"). Sense of "rough, surly" first recorded c.1690.

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