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Word Example of - guerdon

    Example Sentences for guerdon

    It was the usual thing––the page of a poem and a silken scarf as a guerdon of her trust.

    I declined the guerdon; and he questioned me concerning my family and my position.

    Thus expeditiously could religious conversion be effected when an earthly crown was its guerdon.

    Evil was the lot that the Gods had laid upon him, and bitter was his guerdon.

    Open contempt is my portion—for now wide-ruling Atreides Tramples upon me himself, and has seiz'd and possesses my guerdon.

    The guerdon; the quittance; could it be possible after all, the end was not far?

    But he burned to have an offering to lay at her feet—a venture achieved, the guerdon of a tournament.

    He came either to bring me aid or to seek mine, with vengeance for his guerdon.

    This will be an ample theme for his Muse and the guerdon of his song will be tangible.

    Our guerdon is shame in this world and condign punishment in the next.

Word Origin & History of - guerdon

    Word Origin & History

    guerdon "reward, recompense" (now only poetic), mid-14c., from O.Fr. guerdon, from M.L. widerdonum, from O.H.G. widarlon; c.f. O.E. wiðerlean, from wiðer "again" (see with) + lean "payment." Form influenced in M.L. by L. donum "gift."

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