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What is a better word for guff? What's another word for guff? What are 5 "guff synonyms"? How can I replace the word guff? What is the meaning of guff in English?

Word Example of - guff

    Example Sentences for guff

    Taffy, guff and oxaline are all well and good in their way, but they have the great disadvantage of not being legal tender.

    Was love really what it was cracked up to be, or had the novelists handed us guff?

    He “wanted no guff,” and I left him to his meditations respecting his defenseless state.

    But there are things in it that are just guff, Henry, just guff.

    Fred Macklin interrupted, "Look, Dad, why are we bothering with all this guff?"

    Pipe down that guff, you unlicked cub, or I'll crown you with a proof-bar!

    He talked a lot about the effect of the war, on people and on institutions, and that sort of guff.

    Let's face a few facts, Thorndyke, and stop tossing this guff.

    Suppose I gets the run next week, could I win another head office boy job by spielin' off a mess of guff about a lot of dead ones?

    And most of that guff is written by fellows friendly to Kenwood.

Word Origin & History of - guff

    Word Origin & History

    guff "empty talk, nonsense," 1888, from earlier sense of "puff of air" (1825), of imitative origin.