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Word Example of - guilt

    Example Sentences for guilt

    Even his servant Pisanio will not believe in Imogen's guilt though his master assures him of it.

    For some reason or other his feet were stone, and he felt shame—and guilt.

    In this case, guilt would place for ever an impassable gulf between us.

    The doctor saw his heightened color, and mistook it for guilt.

    The same reason which contributes to alleviate the guilt, must have tended to abate the vigor, of their persecutions.

    More, ours has been the guilt, not of Peter only, but of Judas.

    The guilt for this state of affairs must be laid at the door of the classics or at the door of the teachers.

    Could anything but guilt have betrayed itself by such emotions?

    William Dodge has no evidence of Paul's guilt, but doubtless suspects the truth.

    He was innocent, she was sure, however strong appearances might point to his guilt.

Word Origin & History of - guilt

    Word Origin & History

    guilt O.E. gylt "crime, sin, fault, fine," of unknown origin, though some suspect a connection to O.E. gieldan "to pay for, debt," but O.E.D. editors find this "inadmissible phonologically." The mistaken use for "sense of guilt" is first recorded 1690. Guilt by association first recorded 1941. Guilty is from O.E. gyltig, from gylt.

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