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Word Example of - guise

    Example Sentences for guise

    Faith, but is it true that the Duke of Guise is indeed coming this way?

    The chief of these were the Dukes of Beaufort, pernon, and Guise.

    He was obliged to raise the siege of Metz, which was gallantly defended by the Duke of Guise.

    It should be added, he is the average man in the guise of pioneer.

    It is not its power, but its treachery that is dreadful—the guise of friendship hiding a baleful purpose underneath.

    She was a woman, in any guise; and I being a man, protect her I should, as far as necessary.

    The victims were invited under the guise of friendship to Paris.

    You cannot cross London at night in that guise, with no coat or cloak about you.

    Presently Odysseus, too, entered in the guise of a forlorn old beggar, and sat down near the door.

    They came in every guise—some as priests, some as pilgrims to the Shrine, and some as beggars.

Word Origin & History of - guise

    Word Origin & History

    guise c.1275, from O.Fr. guise, from Frank. *wisa (cf. O.H.G. wisa "manner, wise").

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