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Word Example of - gull

    Example Sentences for gull

    Without further ceremony, he was again confined, in a small cupboard-like cavity, close to the hostelry of the Gull's Nest.

    Lejoillie told us that they were of the gull tribe, about twenty inches in length.

    A few seconds carried them out of sight, and thus, as regards the Gull Lightship, the drama ended.

    No; I saw only the sea and on the horizon a stain of smoke, and a gull flying.

    When we reached the channel we found it white with foam, and soon our little boat was tossed upon the waves like a gull.

    It was not the melancholy cry of a gull, but of a woman or child in distress.

    They appeared to be similar to the English gull, with a slate-coloured back and wings, and white breast.

    Yes, I feel just as if I was a gull, Sep, and someone had shot me.

    But if the westerly freshens—and it nearly always does in the afternoon—I can outsail the Gull.

    Then he sighed, picked up his pencil and turned again to the drawing of the gull.

Word Origin & History of - gull

    Word Origin & History

    gull c.1430 (in a cook book), probably from Brythonic Celtic, cf. Welsh gwylan "gull," Cornish guilan, Breton goelann; all from O.Celt. *voilenno-. Replaced O.E. mæw.

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