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"gun Synonyms"

What is a better word for gun? What's another word for gun? What are 5 "gun synonyms"? How can I replace the word gun? What is the meaning of gun in English?

Word Example of - gun

    Example Sentences for gun

    "He had a gun shoved into the hollow of his throat," said Andy.

    The saloonkeeper made a long-armed reach for a gun that stood in the corner.

    They were said by the man with the gun in the uniform like the one worn by Elston.

    It was an Indian who covered her with a gun as she panted up to him.

    You can rest your gun between his ears if you like, only you could not get so steady an aim.

    And there was a gleam of vengeance in the cadet's eye as he went to the gun again.

    That's about while I felt the ball through my arm, and my gun had to drop.

    He was leaving the pilot-house, when the distant report of a gun came to our ears.

    Having my gun loaded, I threatened them with death, if they did not retire.

    He also had a gun over his shoulder, and he took the upper road.

Word Origin & History of - gun

    Word Origin & History of gun

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