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The Synonym of - gushing (adjective)

Word Example of - gushing

    Example Sentences for gushing

    About two hours from Ak-Sheher we passed a splendid fountain of crystal water, gushing up beside the road.

    Mrs. Henniker met me in the drawing-room, just as gushing and charming as ever.

    A thousand sweet scents were wafted through the air and a bubbling stream surprised them by gushing forth from a clump of bushes.

    But his head was whirling round, the blood was gushing from his brow, his temple, his mouth.

    Queen Eleanora insisted upon halting in a lovely romantic valley, full of verdant grass and gushing fountains.

    Doesn't it tire you to be gushing away there all alone in your little corner?

    He had somewhat the bearing of a man who was going to do without any fuss what gushing people would call a philanthropic action.

    It floated downward, massed and purple-red with gushing blood.

    Mrs. Champney was apt to snap out at Aileen when, according to her idea, she was "gushing" too much.

    Of course she has a right to be proud of him; but it was a pity to be quite so gushing.'

Word Origin & History of - gushing

    Word Origin & History

    gush 12c., gosshien "make noises in the stomach," later (c.1400) "rush out suddenly, pour out," probably formed onomatopoeically in Eng. under infl. of O.N. gusa "to gush, spurt," related to geyser. Metaphoric sense of "speak in an effusive manner" first recorded 1873. Gusher "oil well that flows without pumping" is from 1886.