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Word Example of - gusto

    Example Sentences for gusto

    "And it's going to be fine for me, too," continued Amy with gusto.

    She brightened up at this, and I heard her murmur with gusto, "Chocolate-room!"

    Saxe Gotha responded to the greeting with a puppy gambol, and devoured the beef with gusto.

    This was a crucial point, and I saw that Mr. Rogers approached the task with no gusto.

    He sang with gusto as the elevator lifted him up to the seventy-fourth floor of the Grand Central Hotel.

    The latter ate his supper with gusto, talking all the while with the old woman.

    The bishops were baited by the peers with great spirit, and the report of the proceedings may still be read with gusto.

    He munched his humble fare with a gusto he had not known for years.

    "It's always good to see him licked," said Bernel with gusto.

    “You may depend upon me in that, my dear sir,” said the minister, with gusto.

Word Origin & History of - gusto

    Word Origin & History

    gusto 1620s, from It. gusto "taste," from L. gustus "a tasting," related to gustare "to taste," from PIE base *geus- (cf. Skt. jus- "enjoy, be pleased," Avestan zaosa- "pleasure," O.Pers. dau- "enjoy"), a root that forms words for "taste" in Gk. and L., but mostly meaning "try" or "choose" in Gmc. and Celt. (cf. O.E. cosan, cesan "to choose," Goth. kausjan "to test, to taste of," O.H.G. koston "try," Ger. kosten "taste of"). The semantic development could have been in either direction.

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