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Word Example of - gutter

    Example Sentences for gutter

    In the original, they were printed in the gutter, between the two versions.

    Coleridge speaks of it in his letters as "the dear gutter of Stowey."

    The swarms of children were of the gutter, shoeless, tattered, and filthy.

    The concrete curb and gutter was built in a trench as shown in the cut.

    Do you suppose that I do not understand my own business—I who took him up out of the gutter and taught him?

    At the corner he cleared his throat, spat into the gutter, and disappeared.

    He was in a dreadful condition—a soiled and hopeless mass from the gutter out of which he had been rescued.

    He that fa's in a gutter, the langer he lies the dirtier he is.

    Some are here for gambling in the gutter, many for playing truant, some for sleeping out, and others for felony.

    As he stooped to make investigations, a man jostled him into the gutter.

Word Origin & History of - gutter

    Word Origin & History

    gutter late 13c., Anglo-Norman gotere, from O.Fr. guitere, from goute "a drop," from L. gutta. Originally "a watercourse," later "furrow made by running water" (1580s). Meaning "trough under the eaves of a roof to carry off rainwater" is from mid-14c. Figurative sense of "low, profane" is from 1818.

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