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Word Example of - gyp

    Example Sentences for gyp

    Gyp had never loved him, never given him what he wanted, never quenched his thirst of her!

    Gyp, I'm under the impression that we shall have to turn back yet!

    And Gyp sat like a sphinx, for fear that she too might let slip those words: "Oh, no!"

    By the time I reached the steps, the whole mob was cheering and yelling, "Gyp!"

    He could find out, at all events, whether Gyp had been to her father's.

    My given name is Joseph Tinker—although they all call me Gyp.

    Gyp understood her concern; Jerry had very little spending money.

    "I hope the Russians are as sure of that as you are, Gyp," George grinned.

    Gyp could never be self-confident for long; over her most victorious moments brooded the shadow of distrust.

    And Winton found that he had been made Gyp's guardian and trustee.

Word Origin & History of - gyp

    Word Origin & History

    gyp "to cheat, swindle," 1889, Amer.Eng., probably short for Gypsy.

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