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Word Example of - half

    Example Sentences for half

    "Five hundred—d'ye say five" said the postman from the half of his mouth that was clear.

    And Clif had no doubt there were half a dozen others following.

    "So there is life here, after all," he said, half to himself.

    The Spanish sailor, who had only half reached the deck, had fired at him.

    The folding doors that led into the library were half closed.

    They promised to stay till October, too; and we are only half through August yet.

    This so pleased Noel that he advanced my wages to a dollar and a half a week.

    I am persuaded that half the misery in the world comes of straining after happiness.

    Your father's new house, Le, has scared him half out of his wits.

    The half hysterical screams of their Lilies were sweet compensation.

Word Origin & History of - half

    Word Origin & History

    half O.E. half, halb (Mercian), healf (W. Saxon) "side, part" (original sense preserved in behalf), from P.Gmc. *khalbas "something divided" (cf. O.N. halfr, O.Fris., M.Du. half, Ger. halb, Goth. halbs "half"). Used also in O.E. phrases as in modern Ger., to mean "one half unit less than," cf. þridda healf "two and a half," lit. "half third." The construction in two and a half, etc., is first recorded c.1200. Of time, in half past ten, etc., first attested 1750; in Scottish, the half often is prefixed to the following hour, as in Ger. (halb elf "ten thirty"). Half-and-half "ale and porter" from 1756; half-baked in sense of "silly" is from 1855; half-breed "mixed race" is from 1760; half-blooded in this sense is from c.1600. Half-brother (early 14c.) and half-sister (c.1200) were in M.E.. Halftime in football is from 1871. half-truth is first recorded 1658; half-hearted is from 1610s. To go off half-cocked "speak or act too hastily" (1833) is in allusion to firearms.

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