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Word Example of - halfway

    Example Sentences for halfway

    I decided, grimly, that one owed all to one's relatives and I was halfway out of the car.

    When he touched the floor again, he was halfway to the stove.

    Halfway to the station Hugh Mavor met the dog-cart returning, the groom alone seated in it.

    In front of it, about halfway to the footlights, was a low wall of fortifications.

    Halfway through the pile he paused, turned backward three sheets, and studied for minutes.

    Halfway up the hill, the off-side grey turned his head and looked at us.

    About halfway down he suddenly came to a stop, for, in front of him, rose a bank breast high.

    The lights at the Halfway were very close as I turned to her.

    Halfway down the hill the tall woman stopped by the road-side.

    Before even this brief answer was spoken, Arthur was halfway upstairs.

Word Origin & History of - halfway

    Word Origin & History of - halfway

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