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Word Example of - hallmark

    Example Sentences for hallmark

    This tendency to detail, which is the hallmark of realism, constitutes decline.

    Only the identity of the maker is revealed by the hallmark on American silver.

    It was, at all events, the demeanor popularly supposed to be the hallmark of the duchess.

    What (p. 310)they meant was that it was unconventional, was without the dignity of tradition to give it its hallmark.

    Within, on either side, was a partition, and there was a silver clasp on which the hallmark was English.

    These plates measure about twenty inches across, and one has the hallmark of three angels on the back.

    His hosts, on the other hand, wore an uneasy manner that might have been the hallmark of conscious depravity.

    We bore the hallmark of fifty years of neutral aloofness, of fifty years of indifference to the business of national defense.

    The wooden shoe has not proved so bad a piece of footgear, and the patched suit is no longer the hallmark of low caste.

    It is the real article, what I may call "genuine Red Spinner," hallmark and all.

Word Origin & History of - hallmark

    Word Origin & History of - hallmark

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