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Word Example of - halt

    Example Sentences for halt

    The pony swung to the left and came to a halt close in under the bank.

    There was a railroad station in the town, and there the troopers came to a halt.

    Seven boys had come to a halt in the heart of the big woods.

    The steersman climbed to the dock, to halt a pace in front of Gerda.

    Accordingly, after an hour's halt, we again embarked, and resumed our pleasant voyage down the river.

    I'm going to build palaces for the lame, the halt, the sick, the blind.

    And the chief has called a halt, which looks as though we were not to go any further just now, Dick added.

    The Indians did not attack them, but they set fire to the prairie, and this caused a halt.

    As he wheeled round: Virgil and Dante have come to a halt upon the embankment.

    When the two bands had come within musket-shot, La Salle ordered a halt.

Word Origin & History of - halt

    Word Origin & History

    halt "stop," 1622, from Fr. halte or It. alto, ult. from Ger. Halt, imperative from O.H.G. halten "to hold" (see hold). A Ger. military command borrowed into the Romance languages 16c.

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