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Word Example of - halting

    Example Sentences for halting

    They had the sharpness to perceive it; and halting at several paces distance—formed a sort of irregular ring around me.

    "So, this is the invalid," she said, halting abruptly before him.

    The light footstep came closer, halting occasionally, as if the walker listened for a sound.

    It was cast by some beast that was halting near the doorway.

    Who is this said Mr Salteena halting at a picture of a lady holding up some grapes and smiling a good deal.

    May those who watch for his halting be confounded and put to shame!

    Presently two soldiers came down, halting in the cabin doorway.

    They discovered the formidable obstacle in their path, and halting, unslung their guns.

    But there was no change; there could be no halting in that march of death.

    Do not be concerned that your speech may be halting and imperfect.

Word Origin & History of - halting

    Word Origin & History

    halt "stop," 1622, from Fr. halte or It. alto, ult. from Ger. Halt, imperative from O.H.G. halten "to hold" (see hold). A Ger. military command borrowed into the Romance languages 16c.

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