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Word Example of - hammer

    Example Sentences for hammer

    To secure the end of a bolt by burring the point with a hammer.

    They hammer this tube into the ground and let some steam pass through the nozzle.

    “Howd hard, mester,” said the big smith, flourishing about his hammer.

    You can hammer it in the cold until it becomes as hard as soft iron.

    They beat upon Steve's body and face as a hammer does upon an anvil.

    "Run and get me a hammer and a few nails," said Farmer Green to his son Johnnie.

    He set on the anvil-stand a great anvil, and took in one hand his hammer and in the other hand his tongs.'

    With this hammer in his hand none can withstand Thor, our Champion.

    At a short distance from the pool of blood was found the hammer of a pistol that had been but recently broken off.

    Thor gripped his hammer, and Loki and the lad Thialfi stood behind him.

Word Origin & History of - hammer

    Word Origin & History of hammer

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