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Word Example of - hand

    Example Sentences for hand

    She had put it conveniently in her pocket, so that she could place her hand on it at once.

    Pen smiled and disengaged one hand to smooth his hair again.

    He drew her to him by the hand he still clasped, and put his strong arms about her.

    Just hold your hand on your stomach, that always helps me, your honor.

    He put a coin into John's hand and then closed the lad's fingers over it.

    And he held in one hand a revolver and was aiming it straight at Clif's head.

    I rushed to him, and he took me by the hand as he rang the bell.

    And then came the scratching sound of a hand running along the wall.

    To my chagrin, the duke laid his hand on the window and closed it.

    Meanwhile the boat, guided by Clif's hand, had drawn nearer the shore.

Word Origin & History of - hand

    Word Origin & History of - hand

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