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Word Example of - hand-picked

    Example Sentences for hand-picked

    Business was good; and by closing time on Wednesday the firm had in stock ten high-grade, hand-picked stray cats.

    It was an old-fashioned convention of the hand-picked variety.

    The fragments thus produced must be hand-picked, and those which are not perfectly free from foreign matter should be rejected.

    We hand-picked the directors, and put it up to you, strictly.

    The coffees are graded as caracollilo (peaberry), primero (hand-picked), segundo (second grade), trillo (low grade).

    I've hand-picked a good crew for you, and sent them on ahead.

    The day after the meeting is the time for personal work, for hand-picked fruit, for heart-to-heart conversations.

    He had been hand-picked and thoroughly conditioned to take it all without more than a ten percent increase in his pulse rate.

    Hand-picked fruit in half-bushel peach baskets or in berry boxes usually brings from $1 to $2 per bushel.

    Tavia was not at all particular about that part of it—whether it was hand-picked or peddler-purchased, and she said so promptly.

Word Origin & History of - hand-picked

    Word Origin & History of - hand-picked

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