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Word Example of - handbook

    Example Sentences for handbook

    These are the moves given in the Handbook, and the game is dismissed as equal.

    "Defeat does not down him" the Handbook had said; and he was not downed.

    A handbook which will no doubt prove useful to a considerable circle.

    That this will become a handbook on the subject of which it treats cannot be doubted.

    In Handbook (fig. 61,i-j) it appears as point-to-point chevrons on the cheeks.

    Amusing as a narrative, instructive as a handbook of French conversation.

    Aristotle's Politics, then, is a handbook for the legislator, the expert who is to be called in when a state wants help.

    Murray's Handbook for Devon and Cornwall, omissions noticed, 4.

    I suppose you'll be able to dig something out of the Handbook, defending cowards!

    A handbook for the practical application of water in the production of crops.

Word Origin & History of - handbook

    Word Origin & History

    handbook O.E. handboc, translating L. manualis. Displaced in M.E. by manual (from O.Fr.), and later in part by Gk. enchiridion. Reintroduced 1814, but execrated through much of 19c. as "that very ugly and very unnecessary word." [Trench]

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