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What is a better word for handler? What's another word for handler? What are 5 "handler synonyms"? How can I replace the word handler? What is the meaning of handler in English?

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    Millionaire and handler withdrew a few steps from father and daughter and dog.

    He was already beginning to show his natural fitness as a handler of weapons.

    When with the gambler, or the roue, he was equally at home—a debauchee, or a handler of cards.

    "There's a certain advantage to this," he said as he moved the handler delicately.

    Nor shall such owner or handler move more than three feet from the post until his dog shall have completed the trial.

    Count Redstone's handler, a bronzed, gray-haired veteran, said "Ready!"

    Almost grotesquely now, the handler stood poised above the place where the sphere had been and in its jaws it held the bar.

    Comet found birds and Swygert, his handler, flushed them and shot.

    The goods after passing through the suspenders are usually passed to "handler" rounds, in which they are moved less frequently.

    The music store engaged him as handler at six dollars a week.

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