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Word Example of - hang

    Example Sentences for hang

    If the Dutch catch this hero of yours they will hang him as sure as I stand here.

    There is only one point on which I wish or intend to hang any reproach.

    If this story was true it would be just the sword he needed to hang over Jenkins.

    The events of your life may hang on this day, on this one letter.

    Well, they were going to hang him, but he was only a kid, hardly sixteen.

    "Give a dog a bad name and hang him," said the colonel sententiously.

    At night before going to bed take one of your garters and tie it in a knot and hang it on the bed-post above your head.

    Fanny obeyed, satisfied that Ethan did not intend to hang the boy.

    And on one thing my mind is made up: I will not hang if I can help it.

    If the people of Pickens desire to hang it out and keep it there, let them do so.

Word Origin & History of - hang

    Word Origin & History of hang

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