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Word Example of - hanging

    Example Sentences for hanging

    Only he hadn't been holding the axe; it had been hanging in mid-air without support.

    A haversack was on his back, hanging from lanyards that creased a smart coat.

    From the form of the feet which were hanging down, they tried to guess who it could be.

    Outside, several boys were hanging against the window, peering in.

    Braden's coat was hanging from the back of his chair, but he was not in the office.

    Like the Red Bat he spends the hours of daylight hanging in a tree.

    They have been used, I suppose, at some time or other for hanging the carcasses of animals from.

    A great many natives, or Maoris, are hanging about the town.

    "Hanging about and philandering, that's what they want," he said to his cousin Ned.

    Nearly all these desperadoes seemed to dread death by hanging.

Word Origin & History of - hanging

    Word Origin & History

    hanging "act of putting to death on the gallows," c.1300 (see hang). Hanging judge first recorded 1848. Hangman is from 1393.

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