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Word Example of - happening

    Example Sentences for happening

    Judge Priest's Jeff was everywhere that things were happening.

    Things had been happening with a vengeance during his absence.

    It is always worth while to look down and see what is happening.

    It was beyond Johnnie's strength to watch what was happening.

    There was a sudden silence that overtook everyone as they saw what was happening.

    You ought to be up where big things are happening every day.

    That meant the passage of a certain length of time; and meanwhile who could say what might not be happening to the imperiled men?

    When you've found her, she'll tell you everything that's happening.'

    And this was happening four days, five days at most, before the inevitable execution of Gilbert and Vaucheray.

    He was silent awhile, and I knew what was happening: he was losing his temper.

Word Origin & History of - happening

    Word Origin & History

    happen c.1300, happenen "to come to pass, occur," originally "occur by hap" (see hap); replaced O.E. gelimpan, gesceon, and M.E. befall. First record of happenstance is 1897, formed from happening + circumstance. Happening in the sense of "spontaneous event or display" is from 1959.

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