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Word Example of - hardship

    Example Sentences for hardship

    As for Cucurullo, he had been inured to hardship and misery in his childhood.

    They yielded to the repugnance rather than to the dislike of hardship.

    The most lavish user of butter will discover that it is no hardship to go without it when in camp.

    To the Indians, and to the Canadian boatmen generally, there was no hardship in this.

    He had the Somali's love of a rupee, and there was no danger or hardship that he would not undergo in the hope of backsheesh.

    I did not see my sisters; and I believe they were both dead then, of grief and hardship.

    She had felt the hardship of this at first; but now that feeling was over with her, and she did not care to hear more about it.

    A lucky strike might mean freedom from this life of hardship and misery.

    Their joint heritage of suffering and hardship had drawn them together in bonds of sympathy and friendship.

    No hardship of the plains could be worse than the things they had already endured.

Word Origin & History of - hardship

    Word Origin & History of hardship

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