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Word Example of - hardy

    Example Sentences for hardy

    "I agree with every word you say, Herr Pastor," said Mrs. Hardy.

    His enemies were for the time discomfited, and even the hardy Wilton was abashed.

    Assured was he that only a hardy soldier and a good general might safely keep the crown.

    Then, reverting to his private feelings: “Kiss me, Hardy,” said he.

    He is now more like the hardy mountaineer, taking long walks on hill-tops in all seasons and weathers.

    They are the stoutest and most hardy looking men in the prison.

    This is a hardy perennial plant of Southern Europe, and belongs to both the culinary and the medicinal departments.

    Pease are a hardy grain, and produce from ten to fifteen bushels to an acre.

    Then a desperate idea seized me, and I motioned Hardy to leave the room.

    These fellows have to be fed, hardy and self-supporting as they are.

Word Origin & History of - hardy

    Word Origin & History

    hardy early 13c., "bold, daring, fearless," from O.Fr. hardi, from pp. of hardir "to harden, be or make bold," from Frankish *hardjan (cf. Goth. gahardjan "make hard"), from W.Gmc. *kharthjan "to make hard." Sense influenced by English hard.

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