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Word Example of - harmony

    Example Sentences for harmony

    While, therefore, there are many harmonies, there is but one harmony.

    In it peace and harmony are given a higher place than sex interests.

    Let us be thankful that nature is as it is, and let us do our best to put our lives in harmony with it.

    But in Lincoln the various elements were wrought as years passed by into harmony.

    The ideas are clear-cut and concise; the melody and harmony distinctive and strikingly characteristic.

    As we grow able to recognize harmony and love, harmony and love are revealed to us.

    Man is the creator of his own happiness; it is the aroma of a life lived in harmony with high ideals.

    All art representations of nakedness are out of harmony with it.

    (John 14:6) What can one who is now repentant and changing his course, but still a sinner, do to come into harmony with God?

    Harmony of thought and expression is another source of excellence.

Word Origin & History of - harmony

    Word Origin & History

    harmony late 14c., from O.Fr. armonie, from L. harmonia, from Gk. harmonia "agreement, concord of sounds," lit. "means of joining," related to harmos "joint, shoulder," from PIE *ar-ti-, from *ar- "to fit together." Musical sense is oldest in Eng.; that of "agreement of feeling, concord" is from 1580s.

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