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Word Example of - hatch

    Example Sentences for hatch

    With fresh timbers he was bolting, lashing, and wedging Number Three hatch into some sort of tightness.

    The pursued had no time to hatch any scheme calculated to delay pursuit.

    I spray for canker-worm as soon as they begin to hatch, and believe I reduced the codling-moth fifty per cent.

    Hatch, the gate at the entrance to a chase, survives in Colney Hatch.

    Turning abruptly, Connel stormed out of the room, slamming the hatch closed behind him.

    Harry Lightfoot disconnected himself from the ship and opened the hatch.

    Up we rose; the wet air and spray spattered through the hatch; the destroyer swung off to retrieve the dummy.

    Here his speech was broken off by the spectacle that greeted him on Number Two hatch.

    In the third place, who has made these little feathered animals sensible, that they are to hatch their eggs by sitting over them?

    He was on Number One hatch giving some instructions to the sail-makers.

Word Origin & History of - hatch

    Word Origin & History

    hatch "to produce young from eggs by incubation," from M.E. hachen (mid-13c.), probably from O.E. *hæccan, of unknown origin. Hatchery is first recorded 1880.