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Word Example of - hayseed

    Example Sentences for hayseed

    The rich old uncle to whom I was presented did not have the appearance of a hayseed.

    He lives on hayseed,—everywhere he's found, But in the country he does most abound.

    "I won't take no slack from no old Wabash hayseed like you," responded the teamster cordially.

    I allow you to—er—ornament my tree, and 'tain't every hayseed I'd let do that.'

    He had, as sailors say, 'hayseed in his hair' and knew nothing about a ship.

    An' no jollyin' nor green money would change that hayseed's mind.

    When Tom Parsons went to Randall he was looked upon as a mere country lad, a hayseed.

    We did not care for sight-seeing, and the pastimes of the hayseed mind.

    Tom Parsons, a "hayseed," makes good on the scrub team of Randall College.

    There was no hayseed in his brain; there were no flies on his intellect.

Word Origin & History of - hayseed

    Word Origin & History of hayseed

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