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Word Example of - haze

    Example Sentences for haze

    This time it was in a faint Celtic haze; a vision of silver mist and distant mountain and mere.

    The haze about him scintillated and became impenetrable darkness.

    The transmissibility of acquired diseases is a question involved in more of a haze of ignorance and loose thinking.

    Then, as the haze faded away, a sweet voice said: "Thank you, my friends!"

    I look across deep waters, Miss Lally, and the land beyond may be but a haze after all.

    The haze from explosive fumes and rocket-fuel was, perhaps, a little thinner.

    But the bright golden rays of the morning appeared as it were reddish and sickly through the haze.

    The haze varies with the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere.

    Haze, soft and indistinct lay in the valley and on the hills.

    Did you notice the colour of the haze in the west, this evening, at sunset?

Word Origin & History of - haze

    Word Origin & History

    haze see hazy.