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Word Example of - head

    Example Sentences for head

    It is repeated at every turn until the eyes are dazzled with it, and the head is giddy.

    "If he has an idea of speculating in real estate, I'll have to head him off," said Jim.

    "My name is Morris," said that gentleman to the head steward.

    I nod in company, I wake at night, Fools rush into my head, and so I write.

    She shook her head at him wearily, and he saw undried tears on her cheeks.

    I hope my jewel does not think that ever I had any such thing in my head, or ever will have.

    I remember distinctly the pose of the head, the unusual arrangement of the hair.

    Her head runs on nothing else, nor she can talk of nothing else.

    She looked at me awful wishful when she said that, an' I nodded my head ag'in.

    And he held in one hand a revolver and was aiming it straight at Clif's head.

Word Origin & History of - head

    Word Origin & History of head

    We're sorry, our database couldn't found the history of head. Please check spelling and try again. We'll update soon head word Origin & History in our database. Thank you for visiting our English to Bengali dictionary.

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