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Word Example of - header

    Example Sentences for header

    The header is a simple casting, divided by partition walls into saturated and superheated steam passages.

    Some folks, now, might take a header into one o' them old lead-mines.

    When they arrived at the place indicated by the owner, they found the header with the horses hitched ready for starting.

    I remember the captain saying he looked as if he was going to take a header.

    Jack took a header, and swimming hard under water came up some distance from the boat.

    Taken a header into the river, dived, and swum for his life.

    It was into the Susquehanna itself that the header seemed to be taken this time.

    Mrs. Brereton plunged at the opening, a header, so to speak, into the frothy water.

    Then John was ready by this time to receive a "header" under the chin, piling him on top of D.

    Nearly took a header that time, and—yes—I've torn the thing badly.

Word Origin & History of - header

    Word Origin & History of - header

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