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Word Example of - headmost

    Example Sentences for headmost

    On came the headmost ship with the Dolphin hand over hand, the flag of France flaunting proudly at her peak.

    The headmost boat is within ten fathoms of the fish—I am sure it will be ours.

    We now began to fire on the headmost ships of the enemy, which were coming on towards us.

    As the headmost boats neared the fort the fire became hotter.

    The brig, which was the headmost of the two vessels, was now nearly crossing our stern.

    The headmost one, a frigate, signalled to us to heave-to, an order our captain very unwillingly obeyed.

    The headmost of the boats was smashed, and was a wreck on the bay.

    The headmost fired a shot at the schooner—to try the range, I suppose—but it fell short.

    Though he endeavoured to near them, he intended not to make any attack until the Defiance had got abreast of the headmost.

    A shot from the headmost one could now have reached us, but she appeared to be waiting for the other to get up with her.

Word Origin & History of - headmost

    Word Origin & History of headmost

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