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What is a better word for heap? What's another word for heap? What are 5 "heap synonyms"? How can I replace the word heap? What is the meaning of heap in English?

Word Example of - heap

    Example Sentences for heap

    "I find a touch of rye helps me a heap when I'm poorly," said he.

    That flag it heap pretty but wherever Injun see it he see sorrow and death for Injun.

    The next moment the cloth slid down into a heap on the floor, and the letter disappeared.

    He saw Andvari snatch at something on the heap, but he made no sign of marking it.

    She sprang lightly to the heap of nets, lost her balance, stumbled, and sat down very suddenly.

    You have given him a heap of trouble, and you must settle the case with him.

    The man, taken by surprise, went down in a heap, but immediately rebounded to his feet as though made of rubber.

    The contents of the bottle were poured upon the heap of loose hay.

    In a little hollow she stumbled over Antha, sitting in a heap against a tree shedding tears into her handkerchief.

    "W-e-e-ll, Philippe will have a heap to explain when he is found," was Cram's reply.

Word Origin & History of - heap

    Word Origin & History

    heap O.E. heap "pile, great number, multitude," from W.Gmc. *khaupaz (cf. O.S. hop, M.L.G. hupe, Du. hoop, Ger. Haufe "heap"), probably related to O.E. heah "high." The verb is from O.E. heapian. Slang meaning "old car" is attested from 1924.