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Word Example of - heart

    Example Sentences for heart

    How sweet and pastoral are these cool resting-places in the heart of the Vosges!

    It would have torn my heart strings out to have left you, Oscar.

    Mr. Vaughan,' cried Cecilia Ossulton; 'you know it came from your heart.'

    There all alone, and compliments apart, I ask these sober questions of my heart.

    I would like to throw out all my heart to Leonard on such an afternoon as this.

    Bless your dear heart, you shall spend all you want to on Jim.

    My heart will break if this thing you meditate comes to pass.

    I had the knife at his heart, and that Yankee pig prevented me.

    Guide my arm and my heart and don't let me be afraid to die or to make her die.

    She writes on the same subjects to you, no doubt, for her heart is full of them.

Word Origin & History of - heart

    Word Origin & History

    heart O.E. heorte, from P.Gmc. *khertan- (cf. O.S. herta, O.N. hjarta, Du. hart, O.H.G. herza, Ger. Herz, Goth. hairto), from PIE *kerd- "heart" (cf. Gk. kardia, L. cor, O.Ir. cride, Welsh craidd, Hittite kir, Lith. irdis, Rus. serdce "heart," Breton kreiz "middle," O.C.S. sreda "middle"). Spelling with -ea- is c.1500, by analogy of pronunciation with stream, heat, etc., but remained when pronunciation shifted. Most of the figurative senses were present in O.E., including "intellect, memory," now only in by heart. Hearty is late 14c.; heart-rending is from 1680s. Heartburn is mid-13c. Heart-strings ...(late 15c.) was originally literal, in old anatomy theory "the tendons and nerves that brace the heart." Heartland first recorded 1904 in geo-political writings of H.J. MacKinder.

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