"hearty Synonyms"

What is a better word for hearty? What's another word for hearty? What are 5 "hearty synonyms"? How can I replace the word hearty? What is the meaning of hearty in English?

Word Example of - hearty

    Example Sentences for hearty

    The boys ate a hearty meal, and the young fireman paid for it.

    I paid him the balance of wages due him, and we parted with a hearty shake of hands.

    The village life, though rude and slow-moving, was hearty and cheerful.

    Deborah kissed him in a loud, hearty way, and led him in triumph to the cottage.

    "Good evening, gentlemen all," said Captain Brisket, in a hearty voice.

    At hearing this, Gerald burst into a hearty fit of laughter.

    "Little Knights and Ladies" will meet with a hearty welcome.

    Theodora's laugh rang out a second time, hearty and infectious.

    Then he came back to breakfast in his dugout with a hearty appetite.

    He burst into a hearty laugh when he saw her, and told her not to be frightened.

Word Origin & History of - hearty

    Word Origin & History of hearty

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