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Word Example of - heave

    Example Sentences for heave

    They made me anchor in the outer roads and told me to heave out my dead.

    The basket danced inquiringly, tipped, and began to heave upward.

    We pull still further out in the wake of the ship, and heave up again; something ripples here abeam of us.

    "Heave, and I'll hoist up the bag," suggested Mayo at the rail.

    Cochrane, at the moment, felt an impulse to heave him out an airlock as a probable danger.

    Old Gordon was startled and he tried to heave up out of his chair.

    Heave the lead, Mr Moor,” said the captain, who stood beside the wheel.

    “That means the Seafowl firing at the lugger to heave to, sir,” said Murray.

    The mist rose quite quickly with a heave of huge shoulders, strong and yet unconscious, like a giant turning in his sleep.

    Thrice it seemed to heave like a woman's breast, and left them frightened.

Word Origin & History of - heave

    Word Origin & History

    heave O.E. hebban "to lift, raise" (class VI strong verb; past tense hof, pp. hafen), from P.Gmc. *khafjanan (cf. O.N. hefja, Du. heffen, Ger. heben, Goth. hafjan), from PIE *kap- "seize;" related to O.E. habban "to hold, possess." Sense of "retch, make an effort to vomit" is first attested 1601. Nautical heave-ho was a chant in lifting.

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