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Word Example of - heavy

    Example Sentences for heavy

    Inside his shirt there bulged a heavy 45 slung from a leather breast-holster.

    If the central organization is privately owned it demands a heavy profit.

    Some years ago I could deliver a heavy punch and the knack had 31stayed with me.

    She had not realized how heavy her burden was until Uncle Denny had come to share it.

    The wood is very hard, heavy, and is split with the greatest difficulty.

    He was a surly, ill-looking man, with a heavy dark mustache.

    Willem, as he spoke, raised the heavy death-dealing roer to his shoulder.

    There was a heavy iron door in front of it that opened slowly.

    "I don't know which is my best foot now," complained the heavy girl.

    It was solid and heavy, but Ignacio took a key from his pocket and unlocked it.

Word Origin & History of - heavy

    Word Origin & History

    heavy O.E. hefig, from P.Gmc. *khabigas (cf. O.N. hebig, O.N. hofugr), from *kafjanan and thus related to heave (q.v.). Theatrical (noun) sense of "villain" is 1880, from the adj. Jazz slang sense of "profound, serious" is from 1937. Heavy-handed was originally (1633) "weary" or "clumsy," sense of "overbearing" is first recorded 1883. Heavyweight is 1857, of horses, 1877 of fighters.

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