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Word Example of - hell-fire

    Example Sentences for hell-fire

    Will not the thought of hell-fire quench the fire of lust, or restrain thee from thy presumptuous sin?

    I have often wished that hell-fire would burn up those bank-bills.

    And there is the dread of hell-fire—absurd and revolting, yet so engrained that no effort is able entirely to destroy it.

    And he is in danger of hell-fire,Who calls his brother fool.

    Reckon I never could 'a' yelled and hollered loud enough, nor scared 'em up proper about hell-fire.

    What wonder if there were hell-fire clubs and all kinds of monstrosities.

    Nay, but I've been in tow of Jimmy Wolfe's red head; that's hell-fire, lad!

    The red light in them was lurid, as if the flames of hell-fire blazed behind them.

    The unlettered bard has probably confused "styx" with the kindling, "yelding," of hell-fire.

    You admit you're jealous, and I've heard that jealous women are built of hell-fire and vitriol.

Word Origin & History of - hell-fire

    Word Origin & History

    hellfire condensed from O.E. helle fyr, in which helle is the genitive case of hell. It translates Gk. gehenna tou pyros, lit. "fiery hell."

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