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Word Example of - hep

    Example Sentences for hep

    In future we must read "hop drinkers," and not "hep drinkers."

    And when the eagle was entirely made from iron and copper, hep.

    At the door stood the man named Hep, evidently keeping guard.

    Because one man was born and lives in one place, is that any reason why hep.

    So terrible were his voice and look that Hep's courage wilted.

    Me washee flowty dozen hep—four bittie dozen—twenty dollar hep.

    It is not the action of the people, who are taught to cry "Hep, hep."

    A family of the name of Hep, or Heap, held the hamlet from the paramount lords.

    That's why I'm putting you hep—don't go on the make for the Son-in-Law.

    Wherever a Jew showed himself, he was assailed with the insulting cry of "Hep, hep!"

Word Origin & History of - hep

    Word Origin & History

    hep "aware, up-to-date," first recorded 1908 in "Saturday Evening Post," but said to be underworld slang, of unknown origin. Variously said to have been the name of "a fabulous detective who operated in Cincinnati" or a saloonkeeper in Chicago who "never quite understood what was going on ... (but) thought he did." Taken up by jazz musicians by 1915; hepcat "addict of swing music" is from 1938.

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