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Word Example of - hesitant

    Example Sentences for hesitant

    A hesitant, pleading call followed her, but she wouldn't hear it.

    He had offered an identical assurance to many a hesitant amateur.

    They stood in something of a hesitant huddle at the end of a long stone-floored room.

    Hesitant as a cat by a puddle, she stepped down on the bridge.

    Tommy looked downcast and hesitant, and the big man turned to his son.

    He shuddered and turned back into the lobby, hesitant and wretched.

    The step of one walking in darkness is of necessity halting and hesitant.

    Van Buren's silence in this debate of 1828 indicated at least a temper now hesitant.

    With a shy smile and a hesitant voice, she reverted to a subject which was of increasing interest to her.

    His eyes picked out the hesitant clot of four men off to one side.

Word Origin & History of - hesitant

    Word Origin & History of - hesitant

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