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Word Example of - hide

    Example Sentences for hide

    Many have been the conjectures as to what did Mohammad hide in his mind.

    Stafford looked at the other and made no attempt to hide his astonishment.

    I will not hide from you that I am sending you into the midst of the wolves.

    Hrymer had turned away to hide the rage he was in at seeing Thor do such a feat.

    That fondness told me a secret which you sought to hide from me.

    The hide is pegged down on the ground, when it is covered with a kind of glue.

    Next time you hide on your stomach behind a tree, do it properly.

    The Master said, My two-three boys, do ye think I hide things?

    When sorrow or trouble overtakes them, they hide it away from the eyes of him they love.

    He will hide His Word in your heart that you offend not against Him.

Word Origin & History of - hide

    Word Origin & History

    hide O.E. hydan, from W.Gmc. *khuthjanan, from PIE *keudh- (cf. Gk. keuthein "to hide, conceal"), from base *(s)keu- "to cover, conceal" (see hide (n.1)). Past participle hidden is a M.E. formation (O.E. had gehydd "hidden") on the model of ride/ridden, etc. Hide and seek (1672) replaced earlier all hid (1588); while hide-out "a hiding place" is Amer.Eng., first attested 1885.

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