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"hieroglyphs Synonyms"

What is a better word for hieroglyphs? What's another word for hieroglyphs? What are 5 "hieroglyphs synonyms"? How can I replace the word hieroglyphs? What is the meaning of hieroglyphs in English?

Word Example of - hieroglyphs

    Example Sentences for hieroglyphs

    This is a Tonalamatl divided into five parts, to which 20 hieroglyphs belong.

    Unlike the other obelisks it has two columns of hieroglyphs on each face.

    In each plate I have numbered the hieroglyphs, giving each one its own number.

    A single column of hieroglyphs is inscribed on each of its faces.

    One side is engraved with hieroglyphs done in shallow lines, much less carefully and neatly than those on the shell.

    It has one column of hieroglyphs on each face, and is at Phil.

    "That's more'n I could do," he said, receiving the letters and staring at them as if they had been Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    His two hieroglyphs are also those which usually refer to him.

    These hieroglyphs also form but one line on each page and each line contains six hieroglyphs.

    Finally the hieroglyphs for D in 23 and 24 are the usual ones.

Word Origin & History of - hieroglyphs

    Word Origin & History

    hieroglyphic 1585, from L.L. hieroglyphicus, from Gk. hieroglyphikos, from hieros "sacred" + glyphe "carving," from glyphein "to carve." Plutarch began the custom of using the adj. (ta hieroglyphika) as a noun.