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Word Example of - highway-robbery

    Example Sentences for highway

    It is under the brink of a low, mossy bank, so near the highway that it could be reached from a passing vehicle with a whip.

    They were the highway to the heart of America long before the white man came.

    The paramount problem in highway administration is the development of an adequate financial plan for carrying on road improvement.

    But they were checkmated by the deserters, who ran down the highway to intercept them.

    What a curious and attractive, yet also what an unreal, fascination the term "highway" connotes!

    Covering him up with the robe again, I walked back to the highway.

    It was the center of trade, it commanded the highway of commerce.

    I do not know of any harm that could befall you if you keep in the highway.

    On every highway come the enemy troops; Your camp is being surrounded.

    He had considerately offered Rachel a chair with her back to the highway.

Word Origin & History of - highway-robbery

    Word Origin & History

    highway O.E. heiweg "main road from one town to another;" highwayman "one who travels the highways with intent to rob people" (often on horseback and thus contrasted to a footpad) is from 1649. High street (O.E. heahstræte) was the word before 17c. applied to highways and main roads, whether in the country or town, especially one of the Roman roads. In more recent usage, it generally is the proper name of the street of a town which is built upon a highway and was the principal street of the place.