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What is a better word for hike? What's another word for hike? What are 5 "hike synonyms"? How can I replace the word hike? What is the meaning of hike in English?

Word Example of - hike

    Example Sentences for hike

    We had good luck because our hike straight west down the hill took us right plunk into Central Avenue.

    He told us we had a long night drive ahead of us, and had better be on the hike.

    It was due to Bettys morning at home that the hike had been put off till afternoon.

    We chucked away mos' every last thing on that hike but canteens an' rifles.

    The hike was presently resumed, and the little adventure reckoned a thing of the past.

    Verny, do you know of any places one might choose for an objective on a hike?

    Cale announced that they would start off for a hike, as he had suggested the day before.

    I'm afraid that's about all we're going to get out of this hike.

    I thought in the army you had to be able to hike fifteen miles without winking.

    "Hike out the foot-boards; they slide in them grooves," said Dan.

Word Origin & History of - hike

    Word Origin & History

    hike 1809, Eng. dial. hyke "to walk vigorously," of unknown origin. The noun is from 1865. Sense of "pull up" (as pants) first recorded 1873 in Amer.Eng., and may be a variant of hitch; extended sense of "raise" (as wages) is 1867.