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Word Example of - hill

    Example Sentences for hill

    When they killed the buffaloes she was coming back; the wife stood on the hill.

    I do not wonder that Mr Hill had so little attention to spare for us.

    It was sacrificed in 1880 to the necessity of raising a fortress on the hill.

    He located the hill which concealed the flier, and dropped rapidly toward it.

    They were hill natives, and shorter in stature than the river tribes.

    Smaltz knew that he had seen him from the hill and, watching, had understood.

    It is situated at the extremity of the garden, and on the brow of a hill.

    At the foot of the hill there was a town and in the centre of the town there was a fountain.

    Lee and Longstreet dismounted, but Hill remained on his horse.

    On the right was the temple of Jupiter Victor on the very summit of the hill.

Word Origin & History of - hill

    Word Origin & History of - hill

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