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Word Example of - hinder

    Example Sentences for hinder

    Don Ignacio, too, had done his share to hinder discovery of the truth.

    But let me think over what you say; and if any of my folk will believe what you believe, I will not hinder them.'

    These discouragements, however, did not hinder me from indulging my wishes.

    And when this ceases to hinder one from eating, drinking, or sleeping—what then?

    Feathers are not used; but the hinder shaft of each arrow is decorated with etchings as if in imitation of plumes.

    Further than that, you may do as you like, I shall not hinder you.

    This skull is evidently that of an adult animal, all the sutures in the hinder region being closed.

    Swear that you will not attempt to hinder her flight, and I will release your throat.

    He may be a financier, and cheat somebody; or a politician, and slander somebody; or a learned man, and hinder wisdom.

    There was nothing to hinder her from searching, should she wish to search.

Word Origin & History of - hinder

    Word Origin & History

    hinder O.E. hindrian "to harm, injure, impair," from P.Gmc. *khinderojanan, from a root meaning "on that side of, behind" (cf. hind (adj.)); thus the ground sense is "to put or keep back." Cognate of O.N. hindra, Du. hinderen, Ger. hindern "to keep back."

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