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What is a better word for hindrance? What's another word for hindrance? What are 5 "hindrance synonyms"? How can I replace the word hindrance? What is the meaning of hindrance in English?

Word Example of - hindrance

    Example Sentences for hindrance

    The person who reads a monologue aloud will find that its abrupt transitions are a great help, and not a hindrance.

    Therefore it is a help and a hindrance, but it is not liberty.

    He may call all day if he will, without let or hindrance, or the least attempt at interruption.

    "Youth is no hindrance to courage," muttered Sukhtelen in a failing voice.

    But I don't know that I should be much except a hindrance to her.

    The lattice was open, so there was no hindrance to conversation.

    In this disguise the fugitives met with no hindrance as they quitted the town for the open country, heading towards the south.

    Dubois felt that his feminine trappings were no longer a disguise, only a hindrance.

    “Meshech” and “Tubal” are no hindrance to this view, if the names of the so-called “sons of Japheth” are critically examined.

    All subsequent experience and precedent was to him a hindrance and a mischief.

Word Origin & History of - hindrance

    Word Origin & History

    hindrance 1436, from hindren, from same root as hinder (v.), on model of Fr.-derived words such as resistance.